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How are you?
Just a small LOTD before I go bed x)
Some new releases by Retro',[SAKIDE],Tameless and cStar!!<3333
The new hair by Tameless is so cute and super easy to use, you can change the colours,streaks and size only by touching and using the menu!
I'm very much in love with the last releases by SAKIDE and I must say those latex pants made me nuts , I wanted sooo much latex lowrise pants .. just puuuurfect!
The top is supersexy by Retro' with a sweet detail,chains with a broken heart in the middle.
And I could not forget about the lipstick, cStar released those awesome Lips that are 100 different colours OW, yes, 100! You can buy single colours (50L),separated 'rows' (380L) or the fatpack (3500L), it's amazing you must check it out!
I hope you enjoy.
Vicio SL Blog Pic
Skin: cStar Limited - Miss Aries
Lipstick: cStar - Lips Gloss 028
Hair: Tameless Hair Divinity - Blacks and Whites
Nails: Mstyle Perfect Longest Nails - Domina
Tattoo arms: [GLUE INK] Latin Lover Street Side Drama
Tattoo belly: ' LenArt Tattoo- Angelina Jolie 2
Top: Retro' - chain top
Pants: [ SAKIDE ] Zipped Latex Leggings & Skirts White
Boots: [ SAKIDE ] Latex Stompers White

[SAKIDE] cStar
Retro' Tameless

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