Adoness - The Lady Butterfly Hunt!

sexta-feira, abril 13, 2012 AliceInChains Arun 0 Comments

I'm here to show you this awesome and complete outfit that you will find in The Lady Butterfly Hunt @ Adoness store, the lovelly Cruella Pennell created this small hunt, where you will look for blue glowing butterfly pendants and pay ONLY 1L per object, there are 8 objects in the total that gives you this awesome and complete butterfly outfit!
It's so sweet, I love everything about this outfit, it comes a dress with 2 different options of tops,hair,eyes,shoes,nails,and acessories like the head details,collar,arm and legs butterfly.
The items of this hunt are only inside the main store building.
Pretty easy huh? So hurry! TP now to Adoness and go get your perfect Lady Butterfly outfit!

Adoness - The Lady Butterfly Hunt- Vicio SL blog pic
*the skin i'm wearing is from redgrave, Trinity in paper tone.

Duration: April 8th - May 8

Good Hunt!

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