+Fallen Gods+ Limited @ Fantasy Faire!

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I'm back to remind you that the Fantasy Faire 2012 ends tomorow -sadface-
But, you still have time to TP there and enjoy the amazing sims, great products and donate to the RFL! If you didn't had a chance to go check the faire yet please DO! All the sims are like magic, it's like a special new world that makes you feel happy and relaxed.
I'm very glad for being a part of this faire as blogger, I feel very proud and I'd like to thank in advance all the event manangers, creatos and you that come and check my blog for all the amazing news!<3
Ok, enough of talking.. my last post about the fair is the amazing PETITE avi that +Fallen Gods Inc.+ and Yabusaka are offering on full benefit of RFL male and female Translucent Doves. Those petites are a limited edition that will not be available in other occasions. Available with a minimum donation of 1000L but you can and should donate a little more!
The super-cute outfit by *Solange!* you can also find at the faire and avalibe in many different colours!
Enjoy <3

PETITES female +Fallen Gods Inc.+ DOVE Translucent -LIMITED till apr 29!!-

petite: PETITES female +Fallen Gods Inc.+ DOVE TranslucentLink
eyes: part of the :[P]:-RFL-FF://Petite MESH Avatar
hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Orion Petite Mesh Hair - Complete Pack
outfit: *Solange!* Petite Innocence HH - BLUE/WHITE

TP to The Tides @ Fantasy Faire

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