Kishi Creations @ Fantasy Faire!

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I'm back!!
To show you one more awesome item that you will find at the Fantasy Faire 2012 made by the amazing Kishi Creations!
And also those items are the donation for the Relay For Life of Scond Life! What means that you will find it at the RFL board with a minimum price but you can also pay more, as a donation and get those amazing and exclusive items!
The Fair is not only a good oportunity to shop and explore the great sims and decoration but also to help, so you should definitely check it out as soon as it open!
I hope you enjoy my Demoness look!<3

Kishi Creations @ Fantasy Faire - Vicio SL blog pic

- The horns, tail and hooves are unisex. The hooves and tail have a resize script in them.

skin: Kishi Creations- Jade Jackal - Female Demon Skin (RFL)
hair: Magika - Remember NEW!
corset: *Tentacio* Darkness corset black @ PW
undies: part of the dl:: "YOUR SLAVE" outfit
horns: Kishi Creations- Basilisk Horns
hooves: Kishi Creations- Basilisk Hooves
claws: [ni.Ju] Claws

LinkDevils Locket @ Fantasy Faire 2012

April 21 to 29!

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