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I'm here to show you some awesome items that you will finda at the Fantasy Faire 2012! This time with the smexie outfits and silks by ~Sa-eela~ , those 3 that I'm wearing are part of the donation for the Relay For Life so you should go check it out!
The skin is by Plastik,especial to the faire. I LOVE the skin ><

Fantasy Faire ~Sa-eela~

Skin: :[P]:-Aleria-Elven://Female-Wisteria
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Cherilyn Mesh Hair - Orchid
Outfits: ~Sa-eela~ Skadhi Camisk 12 Hearts
~Sa-eela~ Skadhi Kirtle 12 Hearts
~Sa-eela~ Skadhi Silks 12 Hearts
Feet: TaraShoes Sensation BareFeet Black

TP to the Fantasy Faire 2012

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