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Today I will show you some awesome products for very low price and also free!
Starting with the super creative and unique skins by MIASNOW! MIASNOW SKIN PRICES SLASHED! Upstairs, all are L$100 with AMAZING SAVINGS for FATPACKS! Downstairs, ONLY L$50! There's a big variety of skins for very low price and it's not a sale, those are the new prices of MIASNOW! I love their skins since my first days in SL and they always had the best prices. You can find also the amazing DRAMATIC eyes that with prims that you can change colours, mix & match! MIASNOW sim is amazing, so when you TP don't forget to explore around!
Now about the hair, Alice Project hairs are very unqiue and detailed now with great prices. You can find them at 50L per colour or the megapack 250L! That's really low and yes they have alot of mesh and new hairs for boys and girls. The hair I'm wearing has both versions(M/F) it's mesh and super easy to change colours, you just need to click on the hair and pick the colour and style do you want (with or without tips, clear,dark,withe or black tips).
The dress I'm wearing is part of the High Voltage Hunt that started today and goes till 31st! High Voltage is a Depraved Nation Grid Wide Hunt, and has only the best in gifts! So what are you waiting for? Hurry and go check all those amazing news!<3
I hope you like it!

MIASNOW + Alice Project + High Voltage Hunt

MIASNOW - RAINBOW Goth 1- 5 makeups..

MIASNOW Skin - RAINBOW goth 1-5

skin: MIASNOW Skin - RAINBOW goth 1-5
eyes: MIASNOW Eyes 2012 - DRAMATIC SM
hair: Alice Project - Kristina - Mega Pack

dress: Kennedy's High Voltage Hunt Gift

boots: F_Boots//Stompers [Black]

High Voltage Hunt Start Location

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