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First I would like to say sorry for the delay. I have alot of items to blog and I don't like to just take pics and that's it, I need to feel inspired and I do my best to take good pictures.
I'm having some issues in RL. I found out I have depression and panic disorder after some really bad days that I could not even eat cause I was afraid of dying. 
I've decided to talk about it here, cause it's my space and also because alot of people does not know why I'm not much around and when I'm online I don't normaly talk to anyone.
That's why. But I'm feeling much better and I believe it will be 'fixed' soon.
I just felt I should let it clear. Thank you for the support. :)
Ok enough of my life !:p
I'm here to show you this awesome dress and collar by Ezura Xue!
I love Ezure items, they are unique and fit perfect my style.
The dress and collar has resize script and it's super easy to use and adjust to your shape.
The hair and skin I'm waering you can find @ Fairy tales in 2012.
I hope you like my look!
Enjoy <3



 ezura + eVa Gothic Lace Dress *Black Set
ezura + MAI Gothic Spiked Leather Collar * Unisex Black Set

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