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I'm here to show you the new smexie release by - Elixir - , in a all-white look that I love, hope you like it girls!
 The new poses are from PURPLE POSES for the perfect wardrobe.

-Elixir- Devinyl - White
* You will find it in 3 different colors*

* at Perfect wardrobe*

-Alice's Body -
  [skin] *League* Skin Jen Fair -Feline
[hair] Magika [03] Faint
[eyes] . Insufferable Dastard . .ID. July Gift
[shape] My own - Not for sale!
- Alice's Wear -
[dress] -Elixir- Devinyl - White
[undies tape]** Duct Vagoo & Pastie Tapes Silver
[boots] Xtreme White Latex Overknnee Boots by Jaimie Earst
- Alice's Acessories -
[Bracelets] erratic / cuffs / silver
[boobies] Lolas! ::: Push-Up 2.5 :::
[collar] ** Bound Collar White
[nails & rings] ...::: Scrub :::... I Want It!
[ears][Auxiliary] Gacha_Mouse Ears (Spikes) - White RARE @ The Arcade Gacha event

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