Am I Cute Enough?

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As most of you know I had some hard time past few days and I found out that people in SL can be worse than RL sometimes. And that to some, I hope not many, the way your avatar looks  is enough to judge you.
-Prim boobies? You're a whore!
-Young skin? Such a good person!
Bah, fuck that shit!
I'm myself, my avi is everything I can't be in the real world, you're silly if you think other way.
Here is my cuteness for you, I hope you enjoy it! *chuckles*
Hope I am cute enough for you my sweets.

The outfit I'm wearing  you will find at The Boobies Show and it's made by . tsg .. It comes in five different sizes to fit any shape and you will also find it in non-blood versions and several options of colors!

Have a nice day and I wish you all lots of fun in Halloween!

.tsg. School Uniform Basic Gray *Blood*

-Alice's Body -
  [skin]"tSg" Angel in xiaxue tone
[hair] /Wasabi Pills/ Izumi Mesh Hair - Golden
 [eyeliner] Glam Affair - Couture Eyeliner no.03
[eyes] [ni.Ju] Vortex Eyes . fiery
[grin] [Gauze] Nightmare - Uneven
- Alice's Wear - 
[outfit] .tsg. School Uniform Basic Gray *Blood*
[body blood]REPULSE - Slaughter Full Body Tattoo
[knife] Blah. (My Butcher Knife Bloody Red / Bow) RARE
[poses] !Blah . Gatcha Poses
[feet] *Milk* Mesh Barefeet Flat

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