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I'm very lazy to type today but, i really don't need to say much you will see!
.Mes Sucreries. released this smexie glitter body that can be worn with prim boobies and it's supercute! You will find it 5 options of colors *-*
My drea friend Inka from Essences released those mesh shorts to The SWAG Fest, with amazing textures as always, you will find it in many different styles/paterns and all of them comes with five options of size to fit any shape. Awesome huh?
Together with the amazing piercings and acessories from  <-Puncture-> and  {me.}, I hope you like it!<3

.Mes Sucreries. My Becks Body - Strass Pink
*With breasts applier*

Arizona Dream Shorts - Essences
* The SWAG Fest exclusive*

-Alice's Body -
  [skin] LAQ ~ Minna [Fair] 5-pack
[hair][BURLEY]_Vanessa_Platinums (Wear)
[eyebrows] La Malvada Mujer - 8 [Eyebrows ]
[eyes] . Insufferable Dastard . .ID. July Gift 

- Alice's Wear -
[body] .Mes Sucreries. My Becks Body - Strass Pink NEW!
[shorts]Arizona Dream Shorts - Essences
[shoes]! Shoes Linda - 12colors / REDGRAVE (RGP0340006)
- Alice's Acessories -
[piercings] <-Puncture-> Eyebrow Implants (spike) Basics
[piercings2] <-Puncture-> Dimple Piercings (Gemstone) - Basics
[chest spikes]<-Puncture-> Dermal Spike Implants (Collarbone)
[belly chain]<-Puncture-> Belly Chain [SWAG] Gold
[bracelets]{me.} Faith Wrist Cuffs PACK // FEMALE ~ BAG
[necklace]{me.} Faith Necklace PACK // FEMALE ~ BAG
[rings]{me.} Faith Ring // PACK ~ BAG
[earings]{me.} Faith MAXI Earring // PACK ~ BAG
[boobies] Lolas! ::: Push-Up 2.5 :::
[boobies texture] Pink Fuel Honey - *L.Inc*
[nails] Mstyle Perfect Longest Nails - Domina

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