The Dark Side..

quinta-feira, outubro 18, 2012 AliceInChains Arun 0 Comments

I'm here to show you the new amazing release by  - Glam Affair -!
 Called "Dark Side" you will find it with 2 ´púlar faces - Roza and Ginny- with the new body features and fanstasy tones. I'm in love with all of the skins, I don't know wich to pick! So realistic and sexy with detailed makeups as always.
I hope you like my look and go now find your Dark Side!<3
Have fun!

The Dark Side of Glam Affair...

- Glam Affair - Dark Side - Roza -

- Glam Affair - Dark Side - Roza -

(Hair: Magika / Horns&Claws: Ni.Ju/ Eyes: Clem / Hooves: Epic)

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