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sábado, outubro 06, 2012 AliceInChains Arun 0 Comments

Let's talk about hair!:D
 >TRUTH< released 3 amazing mesh hairs for this weekend!
I'm in love with the new fades pack so, there we go, I'm wearing the frappuccino tone, love it so much! And it goes well with belleza tan skin, don't you think?
I don't need to tell you how perfect are the new hairs, right?
So hurry, TP now to Truth or, if you are lazy just like me, try marketplace!
Hope you like it girls!

 >TRUTH< Havana -  fades

 >TRUTH< Swift -  fades

>TRUTH< Mayim -  fades

- Alice's Wear - 

[skin]-Belleza- Shyla Tan 15
[top] [Cynful] - Dutchy's Tanktard ~ Black
[undies] [Cynful] Deliciosa - Black
 [piercings] <-Puncture-> Eyebrow Implants (spike) Basics
[piercings2] <-Puncture-> Smiley Piercing - Captive Bead
[piercings3] <-Puncture-> Dimple Piercings (Gemstone) - Basics
[chest spikes]<-Puncture-> Dermal Spike Implants (Collarbone)
[belly spikes]<-Puncture-> Dermal Spike Implants (Hips)
[belly chain]<-Puncture-> Belly Chain [SWAG] Gold
[bracelets]: Amorous : Bangled 
[ears] AITUI [MESH] - Stretched Ears - 2" Plug Pack   !
 [mouth] SLink Real Teeth
[teeth][label mode] Hamby teeth

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