Boobies Show & [PXL] Appliers!

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Hello again ladies!!!
I'm back YAY! Can't resist to all those smexie news!OMG :O~~~~
So, very good news to the busty babes![ PXL ] released tango skin appliers! Uhum!
And you will find 2 options of nipples, one more perfect than other! i'm totally in love *-*
And, to show you those new perfect textures to your PXL skin, I'm wearing some cute items that you will find at The Boobies Show, now the items are from { BoobieLicious }  , Mes Sucreries. and _CandyDoll_ !  
Hope you like it ladies!!

Oh, and if it is your first time wearing implants, here some tips:

• Before you add any skin textures, make sure to take a copy of your boobies, just drag them to the floor, right click > edit  then rename for example "PXL SK", then take it back to your inventory. Wear or ADD the implants and start the texture process;

• Once you have your prim boobies on, add the applier HUD,click it and Voilà! Your boobies are now with teh texture you need!;

• Tango appliers has also one amazing option to add nipples textures and some of the skin creators like Hart (PXL) decided to give us 2 options of nipples, to add it to your lolas is simple, click on your boobies then it will drop a menu, click nipples - pick the one you want -, then add the applier HUD and click it!

• To wear your clothes with tango you need to click your boobies > clothing > dress top (or bra)!

Hmmm , guess it's good for now, hope it help you!

[ PXL ] LolasTango SK Applier - NEW!
*Works ONLY with the new MESH TANGO implants!*
{ BoobieLicious } My Pretty Starshine Dress Pinky
* @ The Boobies Show, now with Lolas Tango appliers *

.Mes Sucreries. My Kawaii Lingerie [ Pink ]
_CandyDoll_ Fancy Lingerie

Alice's Look:
[skin] [PXL] SOPHIA SK (Bare Lips) {PR}
[boobies texture] [PXL] LolasTango SK Applier
[hair1] >TRUTH< Nyx - Fades
[hair2] >TRUTH< Dolly - Fades
[hair3] >TRUTH< Dawson - Fades
 [collarbone spikes] <-Puncture-> Dermal Spike Implants (Collarbone) All Colors
[piercings] <-Puncture-> Eybrow Spikes Implants
[piercings] <-Puncture-> Dimple Piercings
[bracelets] : Amorous : Suki
[nails] Mstyle Perfect Longest Nails - Domina
[boobies] Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts 
[shoes]  Mstyle KASHI Pumps - Rosso
Mstyle  KASHI Pumps - Black


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