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How are you babes?
I'm so sorry, I'm late with my posts cause I was feeling so uninspired today! But I wanted to show you those awesome dresses by !ellemeno! , why? Hmhmm because I'm tired of people thinking that busty ladies should only wear sluty wear!
The holidays are comming and we need some nice long dresses to formal parties, or even to mess around, don't you think?
Well, ellemeno dresses can be worn with and without implants - lolas, universals and tangos -
Awesome huh?
Hope you like my look tonight!<3

! ellemeno ! tuxedo dress - black
* @  BeWbAPaLoOZa *

Alice's Look:

[skin]:[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Jade ] - [ Winter snow Fairy ]
[hair]Magika [03] Stumble
[brows] "tSg" Bad Bitch Eyebrow Layer
[lipstick] -Glam Affair- Cosmetics - Leah lipstick 21
[teeth] [ PXL ] OpenMouth addon
[dress] ! ellemeno ! tuxedo dress - black & red
[ímplants]  Lolas! :: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
[nails] Mstyle Perfect Longest Nails - Domina
[horns] *~*Illuminated Capreolinae Antlers: Copy

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