F R O S T : Yasum!

terça-feira, dezembro 11, 2012 AliceInChains Arun 0 Comments

 I'm here with one more tease of the   F R O S T  event !
I believe I will post more later, not sure cause I feel very tired today, but I could not resist to this amazing dress!
I don't know if you can have an idea of how sexy it is, but i've tried!
This amazing dress is made by Yasum and comes in several sizes and 2 parts, skirt and top.
Perfect huh?
Hope you like it!
The heels are also from yasum and you will find at the event!
Don't forget,  F R O S T starts tomorrow!<3

  *  F R O S T exclusive!   Event starts 12.12.12 *

skin: Al Vulo! // Hair : Truth // Piercings: Puncture

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