-.HoD.- The Winter's Frost Piercing Collection

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I'm here with a quickie post to show you the amazing piercings by -.HoD. for The Winter's Frost Piercing Collection  together with the new gift skin by +Nuuna+ (that also has appliers for lolas Tango implants)!
 HoD released 12 piercing sets in this unique and exclusive metal texture called Frost.  These will be sold for a very limited time and will not be available after the holiday season for later purchase.
Here some info that you need to know:
- Each piercing set will ONLY include the Frost metal texture. (They will be priced according to this)
- Piercings that include tattoo makeups will be noted on each vendor at the shop.
- As always, the pieces are UNISEX.
- Each vendor is capable of sending the sets as a gift.
- VIP GROUP Members will receive 10% off !
(They will need to have their group tags active).
-The sets will be featured in a new room of the shop. There will be an added button to the teleport kiosk at the front of the shop labeled
   "Winter's Frost Collection" that will need to be used to access this area.

- .HoD. -  Cathaldus Piercing - Frost
- .HoD. - Bulletproof Piercing - Frost

- .HoD. - Compassion Piercing - Frost

- .HoD. - Scorpio Piercing - Frost

( skin: +Nuuna+ Winter 2012 Gift Skin )

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