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I'm here with some great news for ya! 
NeeChee is a new brand that has some cute animal print tattoos that work with your new Lolas Tango Implants! That's right!
I was hoping someone would make tattoos for implats cause I really love wearing tats!
But, it has a little trick that I'll explain to you so you can wear it always!
And, I would also like to show you the new Lamb! hair released few minutes ago!
Lamb is one of my favorites stores so I had to go there grab this amazing hair!
Hope you like my look babes!!<3

How do I make my [NC] tattoo work with my Lolas!?

• First make sure to take a copy of your Lolas! Tango implants (see how to do it here);

• Once you have the copy , add your implants then add the tattoo HUD > click to apply the tattoo;

• Now you have to do a right click > edit linked parts  and try to find the part called "Bra Applier" - it's one of the invisible layers that covers your implants;

• Once you find the layer  you have to delete the scripts in it, so it won't take your tattoos off everytime you wear a top;

• I know it sounds a little complicated but that's why you have always to make a copy, so you can try many times you need!

I hope  it helps you , but you can always IM me in world and ask for a lil help!<3

[NC] NeeChee - Leo Black Light
 * can be worn with and without implants *

Alice's Look:

[skin] .tsg.  Baby Xiaxue
[eyes] "tSg" Realize Silver

[hair] !lamb. Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (Mesh) - Mad Pack
[outfit] .Mes Sucreries. My Kawaii Lingerie @ TBS
[implants]  Lolas! :: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
[tattoo] [NC] NeeChee - Leo Black Light
[nails] Mstyle Perfect Longest Nails - Domina
[paws] RUT Athletic Socks
[nose bandage] RUT Nose Bandage 1.2

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