*Epic Boobies* @ BeWbAPaLoOZa!

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I'm here to show you the super smexie *Epic Boobies* outfits for the next round of the BeWbAPaLoOZa
You will find the Mech-Tech suits in 5 different colors! It comes with several sizes of collar & corsets to fit any shape! It' very sexy , I'm in love with it!*_*
Hope you like my look!<3

 *Epic Boobies* Mech-Tech Suit {Meteor} 
*Epic Boobies* Mech-Tech Suit {Glacier} 
~ skin - Glam Affair - Leah skin - Ethereal Sadness(old TDR item)
~ hair TRUTH Happy 2013 Group Gift
~ eyes "tSg" Realize Eyes - Silver
~ outfit *Epic Boobies* Mech-Tech Suit {Meteor}and *Epic Boobies* Mech-Tech Suit {Glacier}
~ boots [GW] Hoof Boots Black Straps
~ implants  Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts 
~ horns  Sensations Mesh Horns - Old Ram
~ piercings  <-Puncture-> Dimple Piercings (Gemstone) - Basics

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