She's a Showstopper..

domingo, janeiro 20, 2013 AliceInChains Arun 0 Comments

I'm back now to show you the sexie *Epic Boobies* outfit for the next round of The Boobies Show!
And after looking in marketplace for nice furniture with poses for my pics i've found this amazing stage from LostAngel, they have a huge variety of stuff with great poses, you should go check them out!
Hope you like my look<3

*Epic Boobies* Showstopper Outfit {Flame}

[LA] The Stage RED - Multipose

Alice's Look..
~ skin: Glam Affair - Amberly - Artic
~ hair:  >TRUTH< Brianna - Blacks & Whites
~ eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes - Patina (S)
~ teeth: [PXL] OpenMouth PRO v1.3.1
~ eyeshadow: R.icielli - NIGHT MAKEUPS
~ outfit: *Epic Boobies* Showstopper Outfit {Flame}
~ piercings: <-Puncture-> Eye Piercing 
~ implants: Lolas ::: Tango ::: (re-textured GA Artic)

~ hands: Slink Mesh Hand Elegant 1

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