The Body Co New Year Sale!

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I'm here with some amazing news!
To celebrate the new year, The Body Co will be doing a amazing sale that starts tomorrow, jan 12, @ TheWarehouse!
 That's right! All skins for 500L it's 75% off, and the make-ups are 100L-250L, great price!
Body Co skins are realistic with amazing body details, if you don't have them yet you must check them!
Boy & Girls! You will also find TheAbyss skins for 100L and clothes too!


WHEN? Starts Sat, Jan 12, 2013. Ends Jan 31, 2013.

WHERE? To make shopping easier the sale will NOT be at The Body Co main location. They will be hosting the sale at the 'TheWarehouse' the massive designer discount warehouse, which houses fabulous finds from your favorite designers. However, 'TheBodyCo' products will ONLY be available during the sale, and will be removed when the sale ends!

the body co. Orchid
 the body co. Ivy
the body co. Summer

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