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Where's My Inspiration Gone?
I'm sorry, I hate all my pictures those days and now all my skies.. haha!
I know it's just a blogger crises but hope it will pass soon!
I'm here to show you the new cute Dura hair together with -HoD- new HORROR HAUTE items, SUGAR new mesh dress and *Epic* mesh boots!
 Hope you like my look!

 - .HoD. - The Dead Piercings & Makeup 
* HORROR HAUTE - January the 25th - January the 31st (midnight)*

Alice's Look..
~ skin :  Glam Affair - Amberly - Petal edition - Clean D
~ hair :  *Dura-Girl*34 Black
~ eyes: {D.A} Sinistre Eyes - Pink Shades Edition
~  piercings & makeup: - .HoD. - The Dead Piercings & Makeup
~ dress: SUGAR O-Ring Mini Dress * TINY BLACK SKULLY * 
~ shoulder: Color.Me.H.O.F [AnjaFurShoulders] GIFT
~ gloves: [Plastik]-LipstickMuse-Glove-Plain-Black
~ boots: *Epic* Mesh Neo Coal Latex Boots
~ collar: .nantes creep collar - crow
~ nailsMstyle Perfect Longest Nails - Domina

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