Pink Fuel for Skin Fair + News @ IKON !

domingo, março 17, 2013 AliceInChains Arun 0 Comments

 Been a while since my last post but I had a busy and then lazy week and it also was my RL b-day on march 11!
But I'm back and full of great news!
Today I'm here to show you the new gorgeous release by Pink Fuel for the Skin Fair 2013 together with the new amazing IKON eyes!
Alyx has
8 makeups total: (Pure, Natural, Purple, Blue, Pink, Lt, Smokey, Smokey, Winged) + All the Lipsticks for 1350L.
  Once the fair is over the skins will go back to the standard 1,100L for 2 makeups so hurry!
I'm also working on a new shape that will be out this week, do you like it?
Have fun girls!

 Pink Fuel - Alyx

  [PF] ALYX - Skin Fair 2013
IKON Lucid Eyes New

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