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How are you?
I've been really sad, lost my baby ( cat ) yesterday yeah, mother's day so I had no mood to party or anything, been trying to focus on blogging and distract a little so..
Here I am to show you some kickass new items!
R3volt released thi badass gas mask and cuffs both with HUD to change colors/textures and so detailed I love it!
Muka released this smexies outfit few weeks ago and it's mesh with Lolas! tango appliers. It comes in several sizes to fit any shape and looks very hot! the top has 2 options with or without stockings.
And finally Epic realeased some mesh hooves that I've been waiting like forever!*_*
You will find the new Epic foot gear in boots or hooves styles and they come with a HUD to change textures/patterns, pretty awesome huh?
Hope you like my look!

*MUKA* Culolicious Black 

*Epic* Neo-Trekker's Foot Gear {Digi Version}

Alice's Look..
~ skin: Glam Affair - Lilith Creatura 01
~ hair: .ploom. Marisa - Indecisive
~ tattoo: .:DP:. Death Dealer Tattoo
~ implants:   Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
~ mask: [R3] Anarchists Mask [UNISEX] - V1
~ horns: .Mes Sucreries. Horns Chained - FAT PACK
~ antlers: .Mes Sucreries. Bound Antlers - Pack Bloggers.
~ outfit: *MUKA* Culolicious Black
~ cuffs: [R3] - Jade Cuffs [V3]
~ boots/hooves: *Epic* Neo-Trekker's Foot Gear {Digi Version}
~ knee guards: *Epic* Dark Gladiator Knee Guards
~ nails: Mstyle EDGE Nails - Black
~ tail: {Lemon Tea} Drakodaimonen Tail

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