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terça-feira, maio 14, 2013 AliceInChains Arun 0 Comments

 I'm here to tell you about some amazing TRUTH Hair news and changes!
 Big of changes at TRUTH this week. New colour packs, redelivery, gifting & store credit and a new build! 
The new packs come with the normal colors and fades, now you will find a 'variety' pack which contains a few of the basic hair colors and fades too. The colours pack has changed too with perfect new colors & fades!*-*
The new temporary location of Truth will be here but he have requested a region change which could take place at any time so make sure to keep your eye on Truth Hawks profile picks for updates.
Today I'm wearing the new Liquid mesh shorts by REDGRAVE and Motivaction new mini blouses!
Hope you like it.

Please visit for full details.

 !NOTE: All the colour packs have changed so please be sure to try the colour demos provided in the store or on the marketplace.

 Selma & Lotus

 Abra & Gattina

 Sadie & Denee

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