Hair Fair 2013: Exile & ISON!

sábado, julho 13, 2013 AliceInChains Arun 0 Comments

The Hair Fair 2013 is now open!
And I'm back to show you more amazing hairs that you will find there now from Exile and ISON!
ISON was one of my biggest suprises this year. I already love their clothes so much and could not be different with their hairs! Ison hairs have a really great price, you buy it and already comes with the essencial HUD, then if you would like some other color, you will pay only 99L for the new HUD or you can buy a HUD fatpack.
Exile released 4 amazing female hairs, 3 very long and perfect. And also a few more other male hairs!
Both stores Exile and ISON have implants friendly versions, a big plus in my opinion!
The dresses I'm wearing in this post are the newest release by Rebel Hope that you can find at their store!

Piece Of My Heart - Counting Stars
Time And Sound - Glamorous

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