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 I'm here with one of my best friends and amazing blogger Morgynn Hancroft to show you this cute outfite by SAKIDE for MADPEA HUNT ROOM 326!
Morgynn is one of the best girls I've meet in SL and also in this "bloggers world". She been with me when I mostly need and have never put me down. I know I can trust her and I treasure our friendship so much! I'm happy we finally made this post together after so long trying!haha (Thank you babe for handle my ass, haha!)
Today i'm wearing the gorgeous new Al Vulo skin for the The Dressing Room together with new release by DURA, this cute girl hair!
 I really hope you like our looks!
To check her look, visit her blog!

[ SAKIDE ] Runaway Outfit F


Alice's Look...
~ skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Lavinia ] - [ Soft sunkissed TDR ]
~ hair: Dura-Girl 48 - Black
~ eyes: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Lavinia ] - [ Soft sunkissed TDR ]
~ glasses: O.M.E.N - Studded Horn-Rim Glasses
~ outfit: [ SAKIDE ] Runaway Outfit F
~ boots:  RO - Hobnails - LEATHER -
~ blood: REPULSE - Slaughter Full Body Tattoo
~ chainsaw:  Cain - Bloody Rabbit (chainsaw) - Ladies

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