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Hello babes!
I'm here to show you the new gorgeous skin by PXL , Jade together with the smexie new mini dress by Rebel Hope.
The new PXL skin is so cute, i'm in love with her face! 
The new JADE skin line has been created in a way that is different from PXL previous skins. Instead of creating several combinations of lipsticks and eye makeups that are already embedded into the skin. PXL developed a skin base that you can add the V.20 tattoo layers too, so you can mix and match as you wish.
This new system allows PXL to keep the price of the skin combinations at a very low price. It also gives people the option to create a unique style with ease.
Rebel Hope released for the Liaison Collaborative the Sahara dresses with unique and amazing patterns,perfect & elegant like always!
Hope you like my looks, pictures taken at home. :)

[PXL] Jade - All Lips:

hair: ONE by Herve Faenzo, Neutrals
eyes: {Dead Apples} Thunder Eyes - The Arcade
dress: !Rebel Hope - Sahara Mesh Dress Africa
collar: KRUX - Female Tribal Collar [OpenCollar] C/M
shoes: ! Shoes HELENA - 12colors / REDGRAVE (RGP0340014)


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