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So my PC broke!*sad face* I have no idea when the store I normaly go to fix it will be open so.. but I've fixed one old pc I had but it doesn't like SL much,it makes me really laggy and I have no shadows at all!
Still I couldn't wait to show you some amazing new stuff so I did my best to make some cute pictures and show it!
Hope you like my look, I won't be posting much cause I don't want to force the videocard too much but but.. here we go!
TRUTH released 3 amazing new hairs that I'm wearing in this post and one of them comes with 2 different syles!
Pink Fuel has the new gorgeous Sora skin and you can have a preview of her for The Knitting Circle's Holiday Event and only 75L in peach tone. I am in love, you cant go wrong with PF skins!
The top in new by MOTIVACTION and you can change textures of the details by using a HUD.
skin: [PF] Sora <Peach> - Flushed New!
eyes: {D.A} Shattered Eyes - Stage I New!
hair: TRUTH HAIR - Ainsley / Gaia / Parvati    New!
necklace: {Dead Apples} Antlers Chain Necklace
top:  ~~[M] Short Wrapped top  New!
pants: LUST  (coming soon)

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