RO and TRUTH @ The Arcade Gacha!

sábado, março 01, 2014 AliceInChains Arun 0 Comments

The Arcade Gacha started, get ready to apend alot of lindens!
I was lucky and could teleport as soon as it started, but I crashed alot and gaveup. But then when I came back from work I've tried again and I made it! OMG!
So many amazing stuff, I'm in love, this is the best round in my opinion.
Today I'm featuring the amazing Remarkable Oblivion masks together with the supercute hair by TRUTH.
Truth hair comes with amazing headphones and I will be blogging soon too!
Hope you like it!

Also, come check out my yard sale @ Alice's Nightmare!
Have fun!

Here what Im wearing:
skin by Glam Affair
eyes by Dead Apples
tattoo by Dethly Productions
hair by Truth
masks by Remarkable Oblivion


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