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Hello babes!
My last post of the day.
Now to show you Reckless special tattoo for the Saturday Sale together with Yasum amazing dreads that are coming to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival (August 8th)!
You will find..
Commons: 4 colors ( just the Dread Mohawk ) that are static resizer scripted.
Rare:  1 Mohawk  including the Headpiece and the MEGA HUD
EPIC: Mohawk and the rigged Extentions plus the Mega Hud
With the Hud you can hide and show everything single. You hide each extention all beads and pendants, the headpiece or metalls and of course you can choose between various colors and styles.
Every pack from common to Epic include a MEGA PACK of handdrawn Hairbases that have plain version and shaved patterns. 
I hope you like it!

skin: Essences - Jamie {pale01}
hair:  Yasum*MESH*Cyber Dreads*EPIC*FEMALE*
eyes:  {Dead Apples} Solar Eyes II - Waterfall
tattoo: .Reckless. - Form (Faded) 1

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