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I'm here to tease you a little bit with the new Belleza mesh body, Venus that will be released very very soon.
This body is not only perfect but has so awesome details that you wont find in any other mesh body.
To start, you will find a full body with hands and feet that you can play around by using the HUD,there are 16 hands positions,  4 options of feet: flat,mid,high and JD. What means that some of your slink shoes will work with belleza feet. You will also find 20 nail polish colors.
But, if you don't want to use a full body because you love your slink hands and feet it's fine, because you will find a version for slink parts too! And appliers for slink hands and feet are included in the pack.
The HUD also has 7 belleza skin tones and 16 other tones to match your favorite skins. To prove you that I'm wearing one Glam Affair skin with my body, the body comes with tattoo layers for the neck that makes it look just right.
 Belleza included 3 sexy mesh lingeries for your body, looks so hot!
The HUD is very complete and not laggy. I have been wearing this shape since I tried the first time and not planing to take off. You have ways to easily change the features without stress.
The body is fitted mesh but you can't make your boobs and ass huge. Don't worry, there is another version a little more curvy coming!
Well, I hope you like this post. If you have any doubts you can coment here or ask me in world.
(scroll down to see imgaes of the HUD)

Shoes: [L.Warwick] Luscious -Platform Heels- NOIR

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