Black Magic Woman...

sábado, novembro 08, 2014 AliceInChains Arun 0 Comments

skin: [PF] Harley <Crystal>
lipstick: DeeTaleZ Makeup BLACK Lips gloss
hair: Exile::Dancing Horses
dress: *May's Soul* Arcana - arcana dress XXS leather red @ Fantasy Gacha
sleeves: *May's Soul* Arcana -arcana sleeve XXS@ Fantasy Gacha
hat: [The Forge] Sorceress 's Hat, Star @ Fantasy Gacha
staff: [The Forge] Wizard Staff, (Black) @ Fantasy Gacha

KAZZA - Fantasy - Abode Tree @ Fantasy Gacha
KAZZA - Fantasy - Wagon Wheel @ Fantasy Gacha
KAZZA - Fantasy - Barril@ Fantasy Gacha
KAZZA - Fantasy - Lamp@ Fantasy Gacha
KAZZA - Fantasy - Campfire@ Fantasy Gacha

(click the images to see it bigger)

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